Finding a Cheap Yorkshire Dales Hotel

Yorkshire Dales hotelSometimes the sheer amount of hotels available in the Yorkshire Dales region can be intimidating, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for and you don’t know the region particularly well. It’s only easy if you know how, so here’s a quick guide to finding a cheap Yorkshire Dales hotel.

First of all, find a good price comparison website that gives full details of the hotels available and links to the hotel’s own website, if it has one. Good options are and Even though their advertising seems to suggest that they are for people who are looking to find a room quickly or a cheap last minute deal, in fact these websites allow you to compare hotel prices well in advance too.

Next, you need to consider what you’re looking for in a Yorkshire Dales hotel. If you’re going to be enjoying a lot of outdoor pursuits such as walking and cycling, you should look at hotels that are located out in the countryside for easy access to great walks and cycle tracks in the Pennines or Howgill Fells, for example. If you choose a hotel in town you’ll need to bear in mind that you may have to walk for several miles each day just to get into the actual countryside, so this probably wouldn’t make much sense.

If you’re mainly going to be relaxing, you should perhaps consider a spa hotel. There are loads of spas in the Yorkshire Dales area, but most of the hotels that have spas attached are in the luxury rather than budget range. However, the Fountains Court Holistic Health Hotel is perhaps the best spa hotel Yorkshire has to offer and boasts a wide range of spa treatments, a patio hot tub, Zen garden and infra-red sauna, all for the very reasonable price of under £40 per night. You are unlikely to find this anywhere else, but luckily your hotel itself doesn’t need to actually have a spa. You could simply choose a hotel that you know is located next to one of the good spas in the area.

If you want to investigate the history of the region, you could perhaps choose one of the area’s many historic market towns. Ripon has a cathedral, and a great amount of ancient architecture, as well as some great places to dine out. Leyburn is another quaint market town that you might like to visit, while Pontefract has a fascinating history. Richmond has some very interesting boutique shops and a flourishing market.

If you’re looking to eat and dine out well, it’s probably better that you choose a hotel that is located in one of the tourist towns of the region, as that is where most of the best restaurants are located. Again, while many of the region’s best hotels come with their own restaurants, many of which are featured in the Michelin Guide, most of the cheaper hotels lack these facilities. What they lack in haute cuisine, however, they make up for in wholesome, fresh and tasty home-cooked food that comes with the personal touch most high-end restaurants lack.

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